Why It’s Still a Great Time To Sell Your Home

As a top producing realtor in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and the founder of the Fendon Properties Team, I have nearly two decades of experience in this market. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the ups and downs, including the housing crash of 2008. Today, I want to share why it is still a great time to sell your home, backed by some compelling reasons.

Firstly, let’s address the current interest rates. Although they have been rising, it is essential to understand that these rate adjustments do not indicate a cratering economy. Instead, they reflect a natural market normalization after the Federal Reserve Bank stopped artificially driving down rates. This normalization is a positive sign, showcasing the strength and stability of the housing market.


Additionally, we are still in the midst of summertime, and the weather in Lake Oswego typically holds well through September and most of October. This means sellers can be confident that the pleasant weather will endure long enough for them to showcase their homes and maximize their value. A sunny and inviting environment can greatly enhance a buyer’s perception of a property.


Furthermore, one of the biggest draws for families looking to settle in Lake Oswego is the incredible public school system. With schools typically starting in September, there is still time to capitalize on this buyer profile by listing your home before that window closes. Highlighting the proximity to quality education can significantly attract potential buyers who prioritize their children’s educational needs.


With my extensive experience navigating various market conditions, including the housing crash of 2008, I understand the importance of timing and strategic decision-making. Whether you are buying or selling, I am here to offer my expertise and guide you to the best outcome possible. My goal is to assist you, your friends, and your family in achieving your real estate goals.


I am grateful for the opportunity to help clients from all walks of life, and I strive to provide exceptional service to each person I have the pleasure of working with. If you are considering selling or buying a home in Lake Oswego or the surrounding areas, please reach out to me. Together, we can make your real estate journey a successful and rewarding one.

Thank you so much.

Will Fendon

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