Living in Lake Oswego: A Place We Love

Lake Oswego is a beautiful city located just 9 miles outside of Portland, Oregon. It’s a place that we love to call home, and we’re excited to share with you why.

First and foremost, Lake Oswego offers the best of both worlds: the quietness of a smaller town and the convenience of a big city. With Portland just a short drive away, you can easily access all the amenities of a metropolitan area while still enjoying the peacefulness that Lake Oswego has to offer.


But it’s not just the location that makes Lake Oswego a great place to live. We also have some of the best first responders in the state. Our firemen and police officers work tirelessly to keep our community safe, and we’re grateful for their service.


In addition to our amazing first responders, Lake Oswego also hosts a series of summer and lake concerts throughout the summer months. These events bring our community together and provide a fun and lively atmosphere for all to enjoy. From jazz to rock and roll, there’s something for everyone.


But it’s not just the events that make Lake Oswego special. It’s also the people. Our community is made up of friendly and welcoming individuals who are proud to call Lake Oswego home. From the local businesses to the schools, everyone here is dedicated to making our community a great place to live.


In conclusion, we’re proud to say that Lake Oswego is a place we love to call home. With its convenient location, amazing first responders, fun events, and friendly community, it truly is a great place to live.


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