A REALTOR®’s Perspective on Navigating the Strong Seller’s Market in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego! My name is Will Fendon, the founder of Fendon Properties and foremost authority on the real estate market. Today, I want to explain the seller’s market that now exists in our beautiful neighborhood and why, despite the current state of mortgage rates, the demand for properties is still astonishingly high. Additionally, I’ll present some insightful data that illustrates the quick sales of houses above a particular price range, highlighting the significance of effective pricing methods. Last but not least, I’ll describe how our team can perform a full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to make sure your home is priced to sell and to maximize your prospects throughout the active summer season.

Lake Oswego‘s Strong Seller’s Market

It’s no secret that Lake Oswego‘s housing market has been booming recently. The seller’s market in this area is still strong, notwithstanding the latest changes in interest rates. The low inventory of available homes for sale is the main cause of this. Simply put, there aren’t enough houses on the market to accommodate all the interested buyers. Property is being snapped up rapidly as a result, frequently leading to multiple offers and bidding wars.

Homes Above a particular Price Point:

An intriguing trend I’ve noticed is that if a property is priced right, it will continue to sell quickly above a particular price range where monthly mortgage payments are less of a concern to the buyer. The goal of buyers in this market group is frequently to find their dream homes, and they will submit aggressive offers to do so. Therefore, it is essential for you as a seller to set the right price for your home in order to draw in these interested buyers.

Compelling Statistics:

Let’s examine some statistics to back up this assertion. Homes over $1 million in Lake Oswego have been selling, on average, within 30 days of going on the market over the past six months. Additionally, homes in this category that are priced appropriately frequently receive several offers, driving final sale prices higher than the initial list price. These numbers emphasize the significance of strategic pricing and market placement and show the enormous potential for sellers with properties in higher price ranges.

Conducting a Thorough CMA (Comparative Market Analysis):

As a seasoned realtor in Lake Oswego, I am aware of the importance of performing a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) when setting the price for your house in order to sell it as soon as possible for the highest profit. To choose the best listing price for your house, my team and I will carefully review recent sales information, take into account market circumstances, and assess comparable properties in your community. With this data-driven strategy, you can be confident that your home will stand out from the crowd and draw in interested purchasers.

Maximizing Opportunities in the Summer Season:

In Lake Oswego, the summer months are unquestionably active, with prospective buyers keen to peruse the market while the weather is favorable. You can fully benefit from this ideal time by working with Fendon Properties. I’ll work tirelessly to develop an effective marketing plan that highlights the special qualities and advantages of your home. Additionally, your home will receive the most exposure possible thanks to our wide network, local knowledge, and proactive attitude, improving the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale.

Despite the current interest rates, the seller’s market in Lake Oswego is still strong due to the low supply of homes for sale. When priced correctly, homes above a particular price threshold continue to sell quickly and draw motivated buyers looking for their ideal homes. Working with our team will provide you access to our extensive CMA process, which will make sure your house is priced fairly and positioned well in the market. Let’s work together to make your real estate ambitions a reality so you don’t lose out on the fantastic chances this summer season offers.

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